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The NYC Gathering
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The November 14 NYC Gathering Workshop

Planning for The November 14 NYC Gathering Workshop is being finalized. Replies needed from leaders and participants Please.
If you would like to but have not already confirmed your attendance as a participant or facilitating a peer or professionally-led roundtable, please let me know what your topic (roundtable I or II or both) will be. You are welcome to bring your current group so we can include them in the gathering, introduce your organization,expertise, community, interests to us and likewise, us to you. Feel free to bring your printed materials, brochures, flyers, books you've authored or have found to be helpful, etc.

This is a day of support and education, all ideas and topics will be considered and anyone thinking, trying or parenting through Third Party Reproduction is welcome. Blended families are welcome, as are LGBT families, Choice Moms and Dads, Co-parenting families, etc.

If you are a leading a roundtable and are a professional in this field and/or have something you'd like to share with the entire room we will have time set aside for Q&A.
We have interest in leading small (8-10 people)roundtable discussions on these topics and have room (total 15 tables) for more of the same or others
Decision Making-Adoption, Donor, and Surrogacy
The legal client as Fertility patient
DS Dad and Personalized Family Story Picture Book
Nature vs Nurture-Genetics and parenting discussion
Childrens Book Discussion
How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen So Kids will Talk
Body-Mind Connection
Alternative Medicine
The Donor Selection Process for Choice Moms

The schedule is as follows.

Registration 12:15-12:30
Roundtable I-12:45-1:45
Rountable II-2:30-3:45 pm
Break 3:45-4:00
Q&A Closing 4:00-5:00

The format is roundtables of 8-10 per table, peer and professionally led. Cost is $75 pp, $125 per family (total adults), $45 per child for babysitting all day, lunch is included.

Please distribute this as your flyer until the final version is ready.
Thanks and best to all,
Sara Axel
The NYC Gathering

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