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Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Is The NYC GATHERING October 2010

The NYC Gathering is the name I gave the meetings I was holding, starting in 2002, when I couldnt find a support group to fit my needs and started my own. Instead of putting "DE" in the subject line I found out that people preferred not to have that info so easily seen on their email and the name stuck.

Here is how I define it today and what you will find listed on this Blog.

The NYC Gathering Womens Dinners in Midtown-why dont we include men and what do we do at a womens dinner? We cover whatever anyone wants, whatever point they are at in their journey. Unless there is a specific topic listed, almost every group I run is for people on the journey of third-party familiy-building, from considering it, trying to conceive, to parenting. (THINKERS, TRYERS, PARENTS) on Adoption vs DE, or to learn and offer their support and expertise, ie Elizabeth Silk and others.
We can try a mixed dinner with men any time. Please feel free to contact me to discuss it.

The NYC Gathering All-inclusive is for anyone on the spectrum as noted above, and anyone you want to bring that is interested in the process for themselves, to support you, as a friend or family member and kids. The kids usually get involved in their own stuff, playing or whatever, and the grown-ups hang-out. For me this is about friendship, creating community, new connections, support and something for our kids, so they will be able to know each other and be there for each other too.

The NYC Gathering Workshops are both professionally-led and peer-led workshops. There is an on-going list of volunteers who also do individual peer-support for anyone who would like to talk to another person about their experience.

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