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Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 7 Voice America Show on Disclosure of Donor Origins to Children

Theresa Erickson,Conceptual Options, is hosting a radio show on Voice America. All shows are archived and there is an interesting and informative variety available and to be aired over the next several months.

On October 7th, I was a guest on the show to talk about The NYC Gathering and Disclosure of Donor Origins, along with Marna Gatlin of PVED.ORG and Megan Erickson, Theresa's Daughter.

Theresa hosted a great show and made my first public interview and radio experience (since the Sunday Morning Puzzle with Will Shortz and Leeann Hansen on NPR 20 yrs ago) both comfortable and enlightening.

Marna shared her insights and mission for and has done tremendous work  supporting the families involved in egg donation and the on-going OPEN discussion she is creating in our community.

Thanks so much to Megan Erickson who shared a side of egg donation not often heard from and indeed one person who has so much to offer others and is willing to share it. Theresa, Megan and Marna-what great examples of what strong families can be.

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