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The NYC Gathering
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Friday, May 28, 2010

NYC GATHERING update 5.28.10

The NYC Gathering update is below and a note about the June 6th Workshop, led by Jean Benward LCSW and Patricia Mendell LCSW, flyer attached, replies needed please.

This workshop is an expanded version of the very well-received workshop held in November '09. We will have a panel of parents and donor-conceived kids and adults, interactive discussions planned, childrens psychological development info, practical andA specific tools will be presented. Please contact or to confirm your reservation.

Event Listing:

June 2, June 16, June 30-Continuing with Anne Malave PHD, 4 session commitment,
Professionally Led Support Group, UWS, 212-787-1304.
Call for Dates-Anne Malave,PHD PG Via DE Professionally Led Support Group, UWS, 212-787-1304.
Tuesdays 9-14,10-26,11-7,12-7 -Judith Kottick, LCSW Professionally led Support Group for Donor Parenting in Montclair NJ,

Thurs June 17-Anne Malave PHD, 4 session comittment-6-7pm Professionally Led Support Group in Mineola, 212-787-1304.

Weds June 2, Anne Malave PHD, Womens Professionally Led Support Group in Mineola, 212-787-1304.

Sun June 6-The NYC Gathering, Patricia Mendell LCSW and Jean Benward,LCSW Conversations for Parents, UWS,,

Mon June 14, Mon July 12, Tues Aug 3, Mon Sept 13, Mon Oct 18, Tues 11-16, Mon 12-13-The NYC Gathering Womens Dinner in Midtown

Long Island Resolve Peer-Led Support Group-Third Thursdays Monthly -June 17,July 15,Aug 19,Sept 16,Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16.

Sunday-June 27-LI All-inclusive, Eisenhower Park, Lot#2, 10am-1pm.
Tues-Jun 8, Sept 14, Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 14,TPPN, UWS, Professionally Led Support Group, Elizabeth SIlk, LCSW, Nancy Kaufman, LCSW.,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Donor Mom Dinner Recap - Discussion on DE Parenting and Disclosure

Thanks again to our Pschotherapist and DE Mom of 12 yo son who joined us for an unfortunately very-rained out dinner group last Monday night. 

From a mom-to-be-very-soon, her personal notes to share from our gathering.....
-The DE issue is one that will be with me/my child forever, at times in the distance and at times in the forefront of my mind

-While most of my concern is about making sure my child feels loved, accepted and believes that he can freely talk about the issue, I've got to admit that some part of me still thinks that using a DE is some kind of reflection on me (whether that reflection leads to judgment/shame or is evidence of my resilience/commitment to having a child).
-I just don't think there is a father/husband on earth who understands DE issues the way a woman who deals with if firsthand does
-There is a fine, and forever changing line between privacy and secrecy