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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nov 14 Workshops and Event Planning Info

Dear Friends of The NYC Gathering:

Event planning has begun. We will be using a larger room and we have a new
format to accomodate a variety of round-table discussion groups and even leave a few tables open just for mingling, eating, hanging out.

The small ballroom we reserved holds 15-20 tables of 10 and we are scheduled for
12:30-5:30. Each table would hold 2 discussion groups each,one before lunch,one
after lunch, or they can be a continuation-Part I and Part II.

The ballroom is adjacent to the kids playroom and the Creative Sitters staff
will be running their program for our members bringing kids, as usual.
If you know anyone who may be interested, please feel free to pass this along.

To start with,please let me know if you are interested in any of the following:

Participating-attending the workshop and if so any particular topic(s) you would
like to have covered and/or talk to others about?

Leading a peer group,what topic (s) would you like to talk with others in a similar
situation about?

Leading-as a volunteer for a peer group, helping others by sharing your story and
experience with others who may be considering a similar journey?

Facilitating-as a professional,speaking about a topic within your field of
expertise. For a an MD or therapist this might be about moving forward,
decision-making,donor or gc selection, having a baby via de 101 (an
overview) ,etc. An attorney will be talking about the infertility patient as legal client.
More topics that are currently in the works and some to consider being part of the offerings:

Disclosure to the others in our lives-Whether to tell, whom to tell, what and when to tell them.
Dislosure to children-building and creating the family story. Concepts and
real-life scenarios. By age-range and situation, including talking about reproduction.

Genetics-nature vs nurture.
Body-mind connection in infertility treatment.
Holistic and complementary medicine in infertility treatment.

Donor agencies,attys and clinic programs, the screening and decision-making
process. Their role as patient and client advocates. What you wish you knew about them, what they wish you knew.

Donor and third-party vs adoption decision-making.

Childrens book reviews and recommendations,perhaps with role-playing for
questions kids might ask (as requested by someone at our last womens dinner when we covered this).

Parenting issues ie Co-parenting, Parenting over 45, Single Parenting,LGBT Parenting.

Thinking, trying, parenting of any of the following:
Blended Genetic, Bio and non-bio
Donor embryo.

Parenting after infertility-general discussion

Adoption and/or Third Party reproduction-what we have learned from the adoption
world that would be valuable to families created via de and surrogacy,as well as
blended families? Or-Which option is best for your family-building journey?

How to talk so kids will listen and how to listen so kids will talk.

New options in fertility treatment-the lastest advances, success rates,travel
options, egg-freezing,pgd.

The Donor Sibling Registry and other similar networks, when and how to begin.

And of course, any type of support group is welcome-if one already exists that would like to attend and set-up shop or if you would like to start one here, we are open and look forward to helping you grow and become part of our community as well.

Please contact me via email at to discuss your interest and register for the event.

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