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The NYC Gathering
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Considering and Creating Strong Families ~ Registration Information

Please advise on the following information:

Your Name and Name of anyone attending with you. 

Name of Discussion group and/or Leader / Round-table sign-up. See the attached update for new topics and leaders added. If you are undecided let me know that too. 

If you have any requests in advance, or questions you would like to ask of any of the discussion leaders to get us started during the Luncheon-Intro-Q&A, please send then to me by Thursday so I can send them to the leaders to prepare. We will also collect some feedback and/or more questions during the round-tables to use for open discussion during the second Q&A.

There will also be 2 open tables for on-going support and break-aways, whatever might be needed for wrapping up, extra chats, etc.

Privacy and respect will be honored throughout the day to create a safe environment and foundation for future gatherings. We have a great line-up and a wonderful day planned. 

With thanks and best to all,

Sara Axel
The NYC Gathering

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