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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Link To Radio Show October 7, 2010

Thanks again to Reproductive and Family Lawyer Theresa Erickson of Conceptual Options and, Marna Gatlin of  and Theresa's daughter Megan Erickson, for todays Radio Show on Voice America. I was honored to be part of this innovative and educational series happening on Voice America.

We are very fortunate to have professionals like Theresa and Marna (and Theresa's other guest experts) in the field of Third Party Family Building.

The show Marna and I were on together was on the topic of Disclosure. Marna shares with us her insights on how she came up with new terminology, her approach with her own family, and all the services provided and being developed at

Megan Erickson spoke about her experience having a Mom who has been an egg donor and her feelings about having genetic others in her own life growing up and now as the young woman Theresa can be so proud of.

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