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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reinventing the Family: Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Some of the best examples of why people don't tell their kids they are donor conceived are in this article.

The terminology infuriates me. My comments in BLUE in this piece about the new study by Elizabeth Marquardt of The Institute For American Values (because obviously, people who have their families via donor conception and other third party reproduction don't have any American Values).

"As marriage rates plummet and the percentage of intact families sharply declines, experiments  that challenge the fundamental nature of the family are adding to the chaos that threatens civil society (having kids and starting a family is an experiment? Threatens? What fundamental nature of the family?)

A new report released this month by the Institute for American Values and the Commission on Parenthood's Future explores the impact on children of such experimental arrangements (family is an arrangement? throughout the world. The findings are cause for concern.

The spectrum of associations ( an association?) referred to as "families" (putting the word in quotes is supposed to mean it's use is totally bogus) ranges from single parenthood by choice to networks of multiple adults called "parents." Often masking the profoundly negative consequences for children of these experimental living arrangements (maybe they wouldn't be so negatively effected if people like you weren't shoving it in their face about how bad you think they and their family are just for being who they are), those who advocate such alternative household structures (another strange name for family) describe them in Orwellian terms."

(PS-just one more reminder that having good intentions are just not good enough. I wonder what, if anything, about me and my family would ever be good enough for you.)

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