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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Adoption on TV: "Modern Family" or "Parenthood"? - Martha Nichols - Open Salon

In drawing parallels to adoption and how far it has come in public support and acceptance as compared to third party reproduction and parenting, I am struck with this comment by the author.

"I long for a form of community my own tiny family of three doesn't have."

I wish families created through donor conception and surrogacy had half the community and resources that are available to adoptive families.

In the comments, someone says "And Julia, I lost count of how many times they said "buying" a baby. That sounds so crude. Even if it is partially true, paying for medical care and legal expenses could constitute buying, I can't imagine the "talk" they will have with their adopted child. "Honey, we wanted you so much, money was no object. We paid top dollar!."

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