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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From The BioNews Team - participate and read about the Genes and race poll

I've been fascinated about this aspect of donor conception,especially (and obviously) about its relevance in egg donation.

"Have your say about genes, ancestry and racial identity on BioNews

Throughout 2011, the charity that publishes BioNews - the Progress Educational Trust (PET) - has been running a Wellcome Trust supported project entitled 'Genes, Ancestry and Racial Identity: Does It Matter Where Your Genes Come From?'. The project is now concluding with an online poll, which we'd like to encourage all BioNews readers to complete.

The six questions take only a couple of minutes to complete, all responses will be anonymous, and the results will be discussed in an article on BioNews later this year. You can complete the poll here.

As the BBC launches its 'Mixed Race Britain' season, the meaning of 'race' and its connection (or lack of connection) to genetics is a subject of great public interest, but is also fraught with controversy and confusion. Why not give us your views on questions such as whether we should abandon the word 'race'? Whether it is possible for a person to change their race? Whether you would be offended if a medical professional asked to know your race before treating you?

The BioNews team"

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