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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Personhood Ballot Initiative in Mississippi Could Ban Some IVF Practices - The Daily Beast

This is why I occasionally post about Reproductive Freedom. Those that are pro-personhood and anti-ivf are on the same path, leading to the same place as family + marriage-preservationists and defining it on only their terms.

From The Daily Beast, "Should Mississippi's initiative pass, 'it would ban some current practices of IVF,' acknowledges Keith Mason, the 30-year-old president of Personhood USA, an organization pushing for personhood amendments at both the state and federal level: 'The creation of 30 or 60 embryos and then picking through them to see which ones are most likely boys or girls, or basically looking at the ones you want to give life to and destroying the rest.' Eric Webb, an anti-abortion Mississippi ob-gyn and prominent supporter of Amendment 26, has said repeatedly that it will outlaw the freezing of embryos, an important part of the IVF process."

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