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Monday, March 28, 2011

Radio Show Update for 3.31.11

The number to call in for questions or comments and the link to the show is below.


I'll be talking with Marna Gatlin, Theresa Erickson, and Dr John Hesla of Oregon Reproductive Medicine on Thursday March 31st on Theresa's Voice America Radio Show about the film Eggsploitation.

Let me know what you think of this definition posted on the eggsploitation website for the trailer: "Eggsploitation can be defined: to plunder, pillage, rob, despoil, fleece, and strip ruthlessly a young woman of her eggs, by means of fraud, coercion or deception, to be used selfishly for another's gain, with a total lack of regard for the well-being of the donor."

I consider it an honor to speak publicly about this and would like to hear from anyone who has something they'd like to share with me regarding their feelings about this film, the issues it is raising, how its presented,anything at all,and as always,it will remain confidential as we talk about it more via phone or email before Thursday.

I recently wrote about an article titled "True Fatherhood" that I linked on my blog. The connection besides being written by a sperm donor conceived adult is that a few months ago I was quite taken aback by another donor-conceived adult that wrote about Elizabeth Edwards, asking who will her kids mourn more, EE or their real mother the egg donor? It got me thinking, I got mad and then I did some more thinking. How WILL my kids feel about all this?

I will not try to predict what my kids will feel about our donor, their donor origins, but I feel more equipped each day to deal with whatever comes up for them. I hope that they will feel good enough about themselves to draw upon all that's available to them, especially from within. is at the same url,but the name on the homepage has been changed to Our Story Begins At Home.

Please read the post with the article True Fatherhood when you have a chance.I dedicated it to my Dad, Al Levine, of blessed memory.

Sara Axel

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