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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Designer Babies for the general population and a Celebrity Battling Infertility

Anyone else catch the irony in the 2 articles below? They are from the same day,the same planet,the same century!

Is the reporter in Charlotte SC that narrow-minded to think they can't get anyone to read about infertility and ordinary people seeking specific criteria in an egg donor without it being "a designer baby". Its usually celebrities or the obviously-too-rich-and-selfish who are tied to that antiquated terminology.

Its long been known that Nicole Kidman has had infertility issues. I'm so glad she has chosen to handle her situation with class and dignity and that ABC news headline treats her as a human being with feelings, not just (and so much more important than) her celebrity status.

Still,if she's being honest and open about using an egg donor and gestational carrier, I'm very pleased that she could be our spokesperson. Its not like she needs another award or to endorse some other product,right?

So, thanks Nicole and Keith and congratulations. May you and your family enjoy only health and happiness always in welcoming your new baby!
Sara Axel

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