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Monday, February 21, 2011

DE Mom Talking With Her ART/ObGyn about Language

I saw my OB/Gyn yesterday for routine check-up.  He is moving totally out of OB work and focusing now on what he has long been involved in – ART.

He is the first to ever say DE to me.  At first, I was referred to his “partner” at the time, my Dr was only “assisting” in those procedures then.  

Now, my Dr has opened an ART office in our mid-western suburb and has announced that he will discontinue the OB practice (he said he has a few babies yet to deliver), but will keep his long-time patients who don’t need those OB services, for GYN treatment.  I love the heck out of this guy; and so, I am happy to follow.  After all, he did get me successfully through 2 high risk pregnancies.

Yesterday, he was asking about the kids, and telling his nurse asst, that I was his “oldest” mom ever - and still.  He actually seemed surprised to hear I was 50 when I delivered my son.  We talked about our egg donor, and of the kid’s “casual” familiarity with her.  They clearly know that she IS special to us.

I gently corrected him, when he called her their “biological mother”, by saying quietly “genetic”.  Hopefully, it will be the LAST correction he ever needs.  It’s his total sweetness, that allows my own quick forgiveness.  He meant “nothing” wrong.  I was a “good” one to make such a language error with.

Debbie, from the original Falling Leaves, Autumn Sunshine, Sunshine Family groups.

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