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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Resolve Newsletter 1.19.11

Great Groups, Events, Teleseminars and more.....even a new Long Island peer group led by a great volunteer!
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Update from the Northeast Region of RESOLVE:

Serving Fairfield County Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania
HelpLine: 888.765.2810
RESOLVE believes a well-informed and well-supported infertility patient reaches resolution quicker, spends less money and is in a better frame of mind at the end of her journey. Team RESOLVE is a community of resources, trusted partners and experienced professionals where women and men diagnosed with infertility come together to find their resolution. We encourage you to build your own Team in 2011. Start with some local RESOLVE programs and services in your area:

New RESOLVE Peer-led Support Groups Starting

RESOLVE support groups connect you to a community of women and men who share your experiences, your dreams and your journey. Don’t walk this path alone. Join a RESOLVE support group.
New peer-led support groups starting!
  • General Infertility Groups in Hermitage, PA & Mineola, NY
  • Secondary Infertility Group in Shrewsbury, PA
Visit our website for a complete list of support groups and other RESOLVE programs in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and to learn more about the benefits of a support group.
RESOLVE also has online support communities. Click here for more information.

RESOLVE Events in Your Region

The New York City Affiliate of RESOLVE presents the Winter Seminar Series:

Join Us for a Free TeleSeminar

RESOLVE offers free TeleSeminars twice monthly.  Register today for this week's TeleSeminar called "This Woman Has a Secret" on Thursday, January 20 or visit our website for a list of upcoming TeleSeminars.

RESOLVE Needs You as a Volunteer!

Volunteering with RESOLVE gives you a unique opportunity to assist others whose situation may be very similar to your own, even if you may be following different paths. If you are still on your journey, reaching out helps you to feel less isolated and to connect to new friends with similar experiences. And, volunteering is a way for us to regain some control that infertility may have taken away.
The Northeast Region has a special need for HelpLine Volunteers. To learn more about this and other volunteer needs, please click here. 

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