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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Friend Halle talks to her daughter and friend about DE

Halle is another mom of 6 yr twin girls. She replied to "Don't ask Dont tell with this story (and she's one of the few people I know that speaks openly about donor and third party reproduction):

"Over the weekend Dani was telling her friend that "first she was in another ladies belly and then she was put in my belly".  Her friend asked "So do you have two mommies?"  I jumped in "No, only one Mommy.  A mommy is the person that takes care of you everyday.  The one that feeds you and dresses you and buys you things.  That's a Mommy.  The other lady is called a "Donor".  The girls seemed happy with that explanation.  I believe that is how they learn.  By others asking questions and just generally being comfortable with it. 
Families are created so many different ways now.  I think people judge less and less."

Thanks, Halle!

So, tell us your story. If you'd like to share please contact me at
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