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The NYC Gathering
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The NYC Gathering November 14, 2010~More Clinicians, Mental Health Professionals, Healthcare Professionals

Nancy Freeman-Carroll, PsyD-Childrens Book Review (round-table 1)& Nature and Nurture (round-table 2) Nancy is a Clinician in NYC with Group and Private practice in Parenting and Infertility with a focus on Womens Health, Parenting After ART and Family Counseling. She has presented at ASRM and The NYC Gathering and is a DE Mom. (NYCG 1&2)

Patricia Mendell, LCSW and Co-Chair of The AFA-Disclosure and Professionally Led Support Group. Patricia has a Private and Group Practice with a focus on Disclosure as the founder of The Family Building Network. (FBN, 1&2) 

Patricia presented 2 well-received workshops in 2009&2010, Launching The Family Building Network at The NYC Gathering, leading workshops in Creating the Family Story for Families Created Through Donor and Surrogacy. She is a leader in the mental health field helping those facing the challenges of infertility and family-building on a local and national level.

Mary Fusillo, RN, De Mom, The Donor Solution Agency Owner and Healthcare Professional (round-table 1 only) Former Clinic Donor Program Coordinator, and Mom to 12 yo daughter. Mary is a volunteer through Donormoms of Houston and has presented at ASRM, and The NYC Gathering. (TDS, 1)

Rosalind Hoffman, MD- DE/DS Mom-Decision-making and donor selection for Choice Moms (roundtable 1 )and general SMC Support with Mary M and Cindy S (round-table2). Long Island Resolve Peer Group Member. General SMC Discussion and Support group to follow with NYC Gathering Members.(CM 1&2)

Rev. Susy Nason-Child Development and Family Communication Expert to 
introduce and discuss the How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, and Listen So Kids Will Talk method. (RSN/HTT, 1&2)

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