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The NYC Gathering
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amy Demma, JD.ART Patients as ART Law Client:Navigating Collaborative Reproduction, 11.14.10

 Another great round-table discussion to attend on Sunday, November 14,2010...

Amy Demma, JD. When an ART Patients is also an ART Law Client: a practical discussion about navigating collaborative reproduction from the “parentage” perspective. Amy is a New York State licensed attorney working in assisted family building, primarily third-party and donor collaboration. Amy is a Vice President on the Executive Committee of RESOLVE of New England and serves on the ARTs Law Committee of the American Bar Association. (AD/ART,1&2)

Amy will be joined by Jill R. Shellow, JD of NY, to enhance these discussions with her legal experience in ART parenting.

(Jill was inspired to attend and contribute today as a parent via ART and has attended CLE programs in the legal field that address estate planning issues raised by ART and the developing law. She feels strongly that prospective parents understand the legal ramifications of their choices as well as their social and medical choices and consider how they may intersect in ART Parenting.)

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