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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Judy Kottick at The NYC Gathering November 14,2010

Judy Kottick-LCSW-Talking with Friends and Family  Judy is a Clinician in Private Practice facilitating Donor Parenting groups,  is on staff at IVF NJ facilitating Donor and Recipient Screenings, has presented at ASRM and The NYC Gathering. Judy will join the IVF NJ group for round-table 2.  

Here are some of the questions I posed to Judy for Sundays discussion groups:

Since we can't un-tell and we have already told so much of our fertility/trying to conceive story but then shut down when it came to using a donor, can you tell us how to re-build some privacy without alienating people or feeling like we are living a lie to the people we are close to?

Also, what do you think makes a patient emotionally ''ready'' to move on to donor and what are some ways to determine our own readiness to move in that direction.

And about donors, what are the various tests and interviewing procedures used in donor screenings and how much information is available to ip's about the donor in most clinic programs.

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