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The NYC Gathering
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

NYC Update 1.24.10

Please see updates to Spring Schedule and New Events added to December 16, 2009 post, please look for the following in BLUE:

NYC Womens Dinners-special event April 26th on Disclosure with Nancy Kaufman.

Resolve LI meeting for May date changed and an additional event on Feb 7 on Disclosure Led by Harriet Rovner Ferguson.

Judy Kottick's Professionally-led support group and links to the YOUTUBE series.

NYC All-inclusive Gatherings-Feb 21 and April 11, new venue on the UWS, $5 per family to cover the rental of the playspace, kick in another $5 for if you can.

We had a great time on January 14th at dinner with Diane Ehrensaft, author of Mommies, Daddies, Donors & Surrogates. She was as great to be with in person as she is in her book, helping us to sort out the questions and the answers that lie before us as a diverse group of parents and parents-to-be. We welcomed a few newbies, saw friends from various dinners and support boards.

Diane was as gracious, generous, and comforting as you would imagine her to be. We raised $180 in her honor for

From Lori, mom via donor sister...a few take aways from the dinner:

1) There are SO many ways to build a family and in the end, the result is a child...the same result when the traditional way works.

2) I really appreciated all Diane's insight on the age break-downs on telling. We are at that age now, and it gave me some good pointers.

3) It doesn't matter if your child looks like you or not, they are their own unique individual.

My own take-aways: The people that intended to have the child are the parents, period and 7 yrs old is a 'magical' age for disclosure.

This weekend I got to talk to my kids about not knowing whether they will have big feet like me (size 10, not likely) Joey asked, but thats how it started, or average (assuming) like our donor, whom Joey assumes is dead .She thinks everyone she never met is dead and I have nothing to do with that-she's just been obsessed with death again foir the last 6 months. I explained that I've never seen shoe size on a donor profile and that we may never know, and no, she's probably not dead since she donated for us at 27 yo and she'd be 33 now.

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