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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fwd: June 12th Katie Couric Show- Egg Donor Meets Teen Offspring

Sara Axel
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From: Wendy Kramer <>
Date: June 3, 2014 at 8:13:22 AM EDT
To: Wendy Kramer <>
Subject: June 12th Katie Couric Show- Egg Donor Meets Teen Offspring

The piece will feature a 16 year old girl and her parents meeting their egg donor, and her two daughters, for the first time. Very emotional and it shows how important these connections can be - for all involved.
Please forward to anyone who might benefit from seeing this type of a meeting. It's important for prospective parents to actually see offspring who long to know about the invisible sides of themselves, and how rewarding these connections can be- for not only the children, but also for the donors and parents.

This family was profoundly moved by the opportunity to meet each other 2 months ago, and they continue to re-define and expand their new family.  As more stories like this get out into the public, and with growing numbers of clinics and agencies writing the DSR into their contracts between egg donors and recipients to establish contact right from the start, these types of connections will be much more common.

Check your local listings for exact times (usually at 3:00) and ABC channel.

Best wishes,


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