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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fwd: Nottingham, UK: Donor Conception Network conference, Sept 21

Sara Axel
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From: Diane Allen <>
Date: July 11, 2013, 4:23:53 PM EDT
To: Sara <>
Subject: Nottingham, UK: Donor Conception Network conference, Sept 21

Autumn Conference
Sat, Sept 21, 10am-4.30pm. Nottingham, UK

Adult Programme
* Your family & the donor: Ken Daniels, author of 'Building a Family with
the Assistance of Donor Insemination'; New Zealand social work professor who
has written more extensively & accessibly about donor conception families
donors & offspring than anyone else worldwide. Q&A
* Morning discussion groups (introductions & an opportunity to talk about
the content of the main morning session)
* DCN 20th Anniversary Film
* Relative Strangers: Petra Nordqvist will give a presentation on her
research project which explores how parents and also wider family negotiate
and experience information sharing about donor conception. Q&A
* Afternoon discussion groups (on the topic of your choice)

Children's Workshops for 8-12yr Olds
For donor conceived children and non-dc siblings who would like to explore
donor conception issues in a fun and age-appropriate way.  Facilitated by
qualified and experienced children¹s group leader, Sharon Pettle, and her

Advance registration required.
Registration deadlines:
* Aug 30: children¹s workshop for 13-18yr olds - £25/child
* Sept 6: adult program - £25/adult (£10 unwaged), £10 per 13-18yr old
* Sept 6: childcare, £15/child (free for unwaged)

Please bring a picnic lunch for your family.
Drinks & biscuits available free.

* 020 7278 2608

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