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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fwd: Resources on Disclosure from Diane Allen

Sara Axel
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Subject: Resources on Disclosure from Diane Allen

Along with a number of other books for adults & children about donor
conception, the books published by the Donor Conception Network (DCN) in the
UK are sold in USA/Canada by our small charity based in Toronto. This
includes their:

* My Story / Our Story series of illustrated storybooks for children (3-6

yrs) in 5 separate versions for children born through donor insemination to
heterosexual or same-sex couples or single mothers, egg donation to
heterosexual couples, and double (i.e. sperm & egg) donation or embryo
donation to heterosexual couples

* 'Telling and Talking' about Donor Conception booklets for parents and
professionals in 4 separate versions: 0-7 years; 8-11, 12-16, 17 and over.

There are also 2 professionally-made DVDs, by a DCN member:

* Telling & Talking About Donor Conception - parents and children in 10
families answer questions about their experiences of Ĺ’telling¹ and
continuing to talk together as children grow and change. Features single
women, a lesbian couple and heterosexual couples who used anonymous or known
egg donation, anonymous sperm donation, or double (egg & sperm) donation.

* A Different Story which shows varied positive, thoughtful reflections by 7
young people, aged 7-20, conceived through anonymous donor insemination (DI)
by heterosexual couples and told the facts of their conception at an early
age by their parents.

For complete details, please see:

Sara Axel


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