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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NIP - Talk on 1/10/13 - Info Needed for This Talk

By Dr Nancy Freeman - Carroll

I'm interested in understanding how women (and men) think about assisted conception, as their children grow.

Can you tell me how often you find yourself thinking about assisted conception  (i.e.:  either thinking about the donor, or the fact that you needed to use a donor, or what the donor's genes may have contributed to who your child is, etc.)

What sort of thoughts about assisted conception are most prominent for you?

Privacy and cultural or religious reasons are often mentioned by families who choose NOT to speak with their children about assisted conception.  Many families are concerned about negative consequences for their children, should they or anyone else know they were conceived with assisted conception.

Can you explain the main reason that is important for you?  In what ways do you believe you are protecting your child's best interests?
What negative consequences do you believe might come if they were to know about assisted conception?

Can you imagine, in a perfect world, any different circumstances that would lead you to speak with your children about assisted conception?

How would you describe your relationship with your child?   How do you
imagine your relationship might change if your child knew about assisted conception?

Do you have any questions about why some families DO talk about assisted conception?  Any other questions?

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