The NYC Gathering

The NYC Gathering
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Special Spring Announcements

We are having a Meet-up on Tues Eve, March 6th, 6:30-8:30 in midtown. Please join the meetup group by going to this link and contact me via email or on the meetup site to reserve a spot at the dinner.

The next NYC Gathering is on March 20th, 2012, 6:30-8:30.
Anne Malave, PHD, and Amy Demma, Esq, will be speaking about the emotional and legal aspects of Embryo Disposition. If you have extra embryos and have completed your family then what to do next might be on your mind and you are feeling like you need to start exploring your feelings and options.

Please contact me directly for reservations,

Lastly, a new one-day workshop to be hosted by Lisa Schuman, LCSW, will be held after Easter and Passover. This will be modeled on the annual weekend retreat Lisa holds each year for families created through Adoption. How I've longed to have Lisa do something similar for Donor and Third Party Families!

From Lisa..."there will be a full day workshop for parents and kids on the children's disclosure issues. For the parents it will be about their feelings about disclosure and how to help the kids help themselves and for the kids it would be about how to understand their donor information and share/ not share with others."

Please let us know your preferences of days/ times so that I can keep a list from our Blog and Group, and please speak with Lisa as well,

Thanks and best to all,
Sara Axel

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