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The NYC Gathering
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sperm Donation Seems Simple, but Isn't - Room for Debate -

An Excellent Panel for a Debate about Donor Anonymity

Lawlessness Has Had Its Upsides
David Plotz, author and editor of Slate

A Rush to Pass Laws
Jamie Grifo, program director, N.Y.U.
Fertility Center

Restoring the Human Connection
Colton Wooten, writer
Wild West of Fertility

Debora L. Spar, president, Barnard College

Proceed With Caution
Lori Andrews, professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Victimizing Gays and Lesbians
Beth Littrell, staff attorney, Lambda Legal

End the Anonymity
Naomi R. Cahn, law professor and Wendy Kramer, Donor Sibling Registry

A Private-Sector Problem
Charles A. Sims, president, California Cryobank

Rules Can Hurt the Vulnerable
Sujatha Jesudason, executive director, Generations Ahead

Start With Some Hard Questions
Robert G. Brzyski, American Society for Reproductive Medicine ethics committee

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