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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


On July 6th Elizabeth Marquardt asked me to make a statement regarding the facebook article

I posted on June 21st, a quote she says was erroneously attributed to her.

"Hi, this is Elizabeth Marquardt. That Facebook page incorrectly attributes a
quote to me. The quote it features is actually by lesbian mom Mary Bowers
writing in the Windy City Times."

Here is her new article in National Review. While I strongly disagree with her
agenda, I understand some of the points she is trying to make and her sincerity
in what she believes in. At least she writes without being cruel and
nasty to parents like me (on and off line), like some of her followers are known

to do (ironically,unfortunately,the rules on her blog don't apply her staff
bloggers so I will not link to it here).

There are already a few well spoken replies posted there and it should generate
some substantial conversations. As long as everyone can remain civil and with
the emotional well being of children in mind,both before and after conception
and birth,which includes how you treat their parents...well, I can hope.

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