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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Building Infertility Awareness One Person at a Time. Circle + bloom

Circle + Bloom, elegantly simple and surprisingly effective
Building Infertility Awareness One Person at a Time.
When I tell people that there are 7.3 million couples affected by infertility in the United States alone, their response is usually of disbelief.  By contrast, there are about 200,000 new incidents of breast cancer each year.  Clearly, breast cancer is a devastating disease and 200,000 is an enormous number, but it does strike me that a disease that impacts 7.3 million couples has little awareness and is so misunderstood.

The RESOLVE organization has done a tremendous job in this year's National Infertility Awareness Week, which officially runs April 24 - April 30th.  They have created an excellent resource that lists events that are running both virtually and all across the country in an effort to build awareness. 

And as our way of celebrating, we are offering an unprecedented35% discount off any of our programs!  Simply enter "NIAW35" during April 24 - 30, 2011 to enjoy immediately.  Now is the time to download and buy!

And we are offering a free online interactive webinar with the esteemed Dr. Rob Kiltz on Monday night at 6pm (April 25th).  We will be discussing the mind-body connection and Dr. Kiltz will be ready to take your questions.  Click here for more information.
Myth Buster:  "You Can Always Just Adopt"
As part of NIAW, RESOLVE has challenged us to "Bust a Myth" about infertility.   You know when someone says to you "you can always just adopt" that they have no idea what they are talking about.  Like the process is easy?  Like the decision is straight-forward?

My closest friends decided to continue bu idling their family and adopted their third child.  We first wrote about their journey in this blog post called "The Windy Path of Adoption" and the extreme heart-aches they endured.   They never gave up, however, and they are now the very proud parents to a little baby boy adopted in Florida.

Their story is one of patience and courage for not only them but their family and friends who witnessed the highs and lows of their journey.  We were so happy to have had Stephanie talk with us in an incredible and raw story.

Happy Mind + Healthy Body
Introducing the latest addition to our family!

Ever wonder why you seem to get sick when you are over-tired? Ever wonder how you could use the Placebo effect to your advantage? Why you can’t stick to your New Years resolutions for healthy change? Or even how to effectively reduce stress so you can sleep better, reduce the times when you feel down or depressed, and improve your levels of energy?

Only $24.00 for the download and get started today!  And don't forget to use the 35% discount code this week, bringing the cost of this program to only $15.60!

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