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Monday, March 15, 2010

Meeting Recap of Feb 7,2010-Q+A with DE-conceived teen

Thanks to Harriette Rovner Ferguson who facilitated our discussion.The parents attending were pg and parents via de,de/ds,de/gc,blended families via de,the mom has an adoptive sibling,one de parent on an adoption path after de.

The guest of honor has a twin brother and another set of sibling twins a few yrs younger,early teens,same donor. She expressed a natural,comfortable curiosity and gratitude for the donor and was open to answering anything thrown her way. She is interested in whether or not she has any other donor siblings besides her family.

All the attendees were impressed with her poise and maturity and almost everyone said they hope their own kids turn out half as wonderful as this young woman.

Thanks again to Harriette and our guest.We are hoping for a follow-up meeting this summer.

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