The NYC Gathering

The NYC Gathering
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

March 2010 Update-Workshop Date Change

Tuesday March 2, 7pm-Judy Kottick's Discussion Group.

Tuesday Mar 9, 7-8:30pm-TPPN. and

Thurs Mar 18-LI Resolve, 7-9pm,

Thurs Mar 18-New England Fertility workshop in Westchester,Guest Speakers Dr Gad Lavy of New England Fertility, Melissa Brisman, Esq, Judy Kottic, LCSW.

Tues Mar 23, NYC Womens Midtown Dinner,

Sun JUNE 6-The NYC Gathering, Patricia Mendell and Jean Benward, Conversations for Parents, UWS,,

Sun April 18-The NYC Gathering UWS, All-inclusive.

Mon-Apr 26-The NYC Gathering Womens Dinner with Nancy Kaufman on Disclosure,

Mon-May 17-The NYC Gathering Womens Dinner in Midtown

Sat-May 1-The IACCenter with Joni Mantell and Judy Kottick, Adoption and Third Party Parenting workshop,

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